Classic car Restorations & Servicing
Chapel Ash Trading Ltd
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Our Products and Services
Customer services 
We repair and maintain vehicles for a wide range of clients. The vehicles range from small compact, family saloons, to prestige and high performance sports and track cars. Dealing with many clients gives us a very wide skill set as well as flexibility. If you require a job doing to your vehicle, please contact us with your query and we will get back to you as to what we can offer.

  1. Buying
    We do not buy vehicles - however we do have a list of traders who may be able to assist.
  2. Cosmetic repairs
    We work closely with a paint shop who we have vetted over a period of several years. They offer smart repairs, panel repairs, and full car body resprays. They also refurbish alloy wheels. Feel free to ask about these services.
  3. Service
    From changing the oil to a major service of all fluids and filters - we cater to all vehicles. We offer our clients services based on the service history of the car and on the driving habits of the owners.
  4. Restos & Mods
    When owning a modern or a classic car, you want it to be as useable and suited to your lifestyle as much as possible. Factory cars dont always fit the bill - we can help you customise your car to suit you. We offer alloy wheel re-furbishment by colour/finish, modifying brake systems with high performance pads/discs, upgrading the parts for better performance, engine tuning, custom suspension modifications (lowering/ camber/ hydraulic/ pneumatic), custom chassis work, exhaust modifications, exchaust header design and build, and more.
  5. Repairs
    We can repair almost any mechanical system or part on your vehicle. If the parts are not serviceable, we can replace them. We repair engines, engine components, suspension parts, safety systems, steering systems, brake systems, and chassis.
  6. Race prep
    We can design and build engines, suspension, exhaust systems, body modifications, and more. We can take a selected vehicle and strip it to start your project. We can then proceed to installing all the safety features, and prepare the chassis for a rollcage and strengthen mounting points for the engine and suspension components.
  7. Race support
    If you are involved in a race series - rally/track/drag/hillclimb, we can support you! We can be on site and standby either in the pits, or trackside.
  8. Consultation
    If you have a motorsport project in need of consultation, contact us with the following details: Requirements, deadlines and timescale, cost limitations, application - advice required.