Classic car Restorations & Servicing
Chapel Ash Trading Ltd
Unit 90 Imex Business park, Moorfield Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands - ​WV2 4XB

What we do

Our main line of work consists of vehicle repairs, maintainance, and restorations.
This includes (not limited to):
-Engine repair work, fault diagnostics, turbo replacement, engine replacement
-Suspension repairs (MOT fail or moifications)
-Exhaust replacement
-Welding work to the chassis or body.

Restoration of classics. We take on only 3 projects a year due to the high level of workmanship we offer.

What else do we do?

We often repair vehicles on customer sites - Mobile. This work can be anything from a service right the way to a non starter which requires expert knowlege to resolve, 
Accident damaged cars often come to us for repairs to the body, suspension and wheels. All done at a cost effective rate but where we differ is we do not do cheap jobs! All work is done the "old fashioned way" where the base is corrected before further action.
Our History

Established in 2008

Our founder was previously involvolved heavily in several race projects and teams varying from design to manufacture of engine components to suspension tuning. His experience led him to specialise in custom fabrication work in which he excels.  This workshop was set up to provide a base from where we can take on longer term projects such as restorations and race car preperation. We support many garages with our expertise of engine diagnostics (mechanical).
We currently offer any mechanical repair along side several cosmetic services where we use reputable buisness partners to get the work completed. Our service options are ever expanding as we are gearing up to run our own vehicles in a race series and practice what we offer our customers.
Upcoming services:
  • Custom exhaust build - engine to muffler
  • Turbo conversions
  • Rollcage building and installation
Our clients have told us of experiences where they have visited workshops and dealerships where no options were given and subsequently they suffered heavy finanial losses. This is sometimes due to the innexperience of the techs operating in the garages and the extensive use of diagnostic equipment without the life experience of basic engines opperating principles. We found a lot of business and customers are throwing (not literally) parts at vehicles when a fault code indicates a certain fault, often than not this does not cure the problem.
Many garages will inform customers that "a part needs replacing" - but will not guarantee this will cure the problem! (not all garages will do this, but from experience a lot of dealerships follow this route of diagnostics which is not the most logical or most cost effective however it is the quickest way to make money and systematically cross off all the possible faults showing up on the computer!
Our approach: We first establish the major components are in good working order (establishing a solid base) and work from there to diagnose what is causing the fault and how it can be cured.
Mobile Workshop
Our mobile workshop is equiped to handle most jobs on site. All services and repairs are handled with ease. 
Reliability & Trust
Our Workshop
We have an untarnished record since we first started in 2008 and have since dealt with customers with extremely valuable cars (worth in excess of 200K). This is something we are extremely proud of and we promise to keep this record going.
We have a secure premises where all vehicles are stored overnight should the need arise. The workshop is equipped with the latest tools to diagnose and repair cars with speed and accuracy. Rest assured that your vehicle will never be in the hands of untrained personel. Our garage is fully insured against damage and theft as we are required to be due to the restoration work we carry out on valuable classic vehicles.